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Mark "TheJub" Dunsmore












Mark Dunsmore (he/him, 29) is a musician, composer, sound designer, PhD student, variety broadcaster, and dog dad with diverse interests and a love of the bizarre.


Mark grew up in the Central belt of Scotland before moving to Aberdeen in 2011 to attend Aberdeen University. He completed his Bachelors in 2015, Masters in 2016, and plans to complete his PhD in 2023. His PhD research is focused on perceptions and presentations of place through sound and is being undertaken under the supervision of Dr. Suk-Jun Kim and Prof. Pete Stollery. 


Over the years he has been heavily involved with local festivals, conferences, and premieres, as well as public commissions including the Home series with SonADA in 2018. His repertoire and portfolio include instrumental works, acousmatic compositions, electronica, progressive metal, interactive art installations, audiovisual pieces, generative art, live coding, jazz, film scoring and branding, live streamed productions, video editing, and production.


His solo album Crop Circles (released in 2021) has over 12,000 listens on spotify, and has been featured on local radio stations. He is currently working on his next album alongside other projects including a series of live streamed game and panel shows, as well as music educational materials covering theory, history, and aesthetics. He aims to expand more into game design and education, as well as further branching into interactive art forms

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