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[AR-2] Port Noir - All Class

Single Title - All Class

Artist - Port Noir

Release Date - 12/21

Rating - 8.5

So what genre is this? Descriptions such as 'progressive dark pop/alt-rock' really highlight the limitations in these terms. Somewhere in between these classifications is this track, but it exists in the fringes, away from the bulk of each label. The best word I can use to describe this track is dark. It's heavy in places, very modern, combining heavy rock tones with brutally electro bass synths, with almost a similar attitude that was prevalent in the nu-metal era of 20 years ago. I really like the direction they've been pushing in recent years, and if the upcoming album is anything like this beautifully dark single then I'm very much sold.

Available on Bandcamp from $1.50

From the upcoming album 'Cuts' coming March 2022

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