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[AR-3] Mariusz Duda - Interior Drawings

Another brilliant minimalist effort from the frontman of Riverside. Mariusz Duda is further expanding his sonic repertoire here with more emphasis on pianos, synthesizers, and sample manipulation than his previous works.

The album seems to continue the minimalist progression by focussing on repeated rhythms that gradually synchronise and desynchronise with each other freely. There is also further focus on patterns of five in this album with the opening track 'Racing Thoughts' being essentially an inverted version of 'He Av En' from 2018s 'Under The Fragmented Sky.'

There is also a really nice theme of drawing/writing on a notebook with the tracks 'Interior Drawings', 'Shapes In Notebooks', and 'Dream of Calm' using these sound samples as percussive effects in a way that almost seems reminiscent of both acousmatic music and the subreddit /r/pencilmusic and youtubers such as smallgoblin.

Truly beautiful album that's become a solid part of my regular rotation, partly because it does not demand attention.


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