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5 Things Recommended and a lil' Update

So here are a few things I've been recommended over the past while when I've been writing/making/producing/listening/or talking about music. It's been a funny old time in all honesty. Been at my happiest and most driven in several years, but now that there is some stability in my life, there have also been mood swings. In all honesty, I've never been someone to be completely stable with my mood at all times. Whether it was the case that the intensity of these swings increased, or simply that I was in position to notice it for the first time in a long time, I have come to the hard conclusion that my mental health isn't as good as I'd ideally have it. I have been off and on antidepressants for about a decade now and been talking to various doctors for probably another decade before that. I panic, I get low, I spiral, I lose control over my emotions, especially when directed to myself.

So I've been on a new antidepressant for the past week. I was offered one that I had been on before but in all honesty the memories of the side effects scared the shit out of me. I was still scared going onto these new ones as I had no idea what to expect with them, but all has been surprisingly good. I have felt flatter. The overall average mood has been a little lower than average. The mood swings are perhaps a little more frequent than before too. But most importantly, the swings are significantly shallower. I don't reach the highs I used to, but also don't sink into the deepest lows from before either. I feel a bit numb I must admit. Like I'm only working on power saving mode or something. Overall it feels like a step in the right direction. I have much more control over my want to self-destruct, which is very good. But I also lost a bit of the manic drive I would sometimes have which was a great motivator at times. Still, we continue on. Thank you for being here.


American Wolf - Myriad (2013)

Super chill vibes here from CorrectedPath who has some incredible playlists and collections of post-rock music. Love his recommendations but this album here has been heavy rotation since I returned to work.


The Caretaker - Everywhere At The End Of Time (2016)

An incredibly interesting recommendation from the wonderful Arty_Quinzel herself. A colossal 6 part introspective dive into Dementia, its advancement, and totality. Incredibly minimal and maximal sounds and textures and beautiful fragments of things all mashed into this strangely congruent whole. Really recommend listening to this in the dark. Not for the faint of heart.


Nitheful - Paradisum Ruination (2020)

I am someone who likes discovering new things, and this new EP has managed to push the boundaries of sheer brutal heaviness to a new limit. The new theoretical endpoint has been reached. Truly horrific and satanic. Big thanks to Boristhehellblade for the recommendations recently. Love seeing your passion for music!


Master Boot Record - Internet Protocol (2019)

Another incredible and unique release by an artist that I've been sporadically aware of since one of their tracks was featured in a challenging Clone Hero setlist. A really interesting mix of gritty synthwork and metal aesthetic. 100% Synthesized, and 100% Dehumanized indeed. Big thanks to another fellow Chebwatch member, Jalts, for the recommendation!


Violet Cold - Noir Kid (2020)

Really interesting project here. Violet Cold is an "AI Band". But what does that mean? Is it all generated from a whole load of preloaded and learned materials? Are parts of it generated and fitted around other parts that are written? Or does it generate parts in a more vague sense? Or is it generated then re-recorded and produced afterwards? I've heard some other AI Music and it seems too clean to be believable that it's all just generated by AI. Not only is this post-metal album really awesome to listen to, but it's also incredibly awesome to try and find out what the processes behind it were. I plan on diving deep into the lore behind this. Thank you ap3xultima for recommending this super interesting album.

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