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Day Gems and Getting Back Into Things

Quite a while ago, more months than I dare admit, I started to think that perhaps streaming some of my music making process might help me professionally. It would motivate me, keep me on track, allow for input on the piece, keep me social, provide evidence that I know how to use the software I claim to use, and maybe even let people hear what sounds I like to make. Various things always kept this as an idea as opposed to a reality, something I'd like to do, but ultimately wasn't doing as I wasn't actually making much music at the time. Creativity is a muscle they say, and making sounds is more than just a 'passion project' for me and I need to treat it as such. Well, four streams later I have a new track on an album that I started little under a year ago and the passion and drive to see it through to finish. I have faced the fear of going live with my creative process, especially when I had no ideas and no 'inspiration' going into it. Creativity is a muscle, I can't just be creative when the feeling gets me. I have pushed myself and I have been pushed in the right ways. So, with a few hurdles along the way and some teething issues, I seem to be on a path towards the more creative life I seek. In short, I am happy.


Upcoming projects -

- Working more on Crop Circles

- Continual reading on soundscapes

- 5 more things to listen to

- Saily and Soily Bois

- Clone Hero Stream

- Jub Quiz 3 & Countdown - 29th October (event to be posted soon)

Catch you there!

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