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Post-Rock, Post-Post-Rock and Others - 5 Things To Listen To #3

So there is going to be what I would like to call a format change, but it's more of a format establishment here. I will be posting these on Mondays (the irony of me posting this on a Tuesday is not lost) and will be alternating between 5 things that I have found, and 5 things that have been recommended to me, largely through my #listen-to-this channel in my Discord

So, this is going to be 5 things I've found (with some influence and guidance) and next Monday will be 5 things recommended.


City Of The Lost - Beings Of Light (2017)

Stunning album from the Moscow Based trio. This album and the band in general lie somewhere between the melodic and rhythmic complexity of prog-rock and the broader sonic exploration of post-rock. It is neither too complex to zone out to, nor too static to fully delve into with an inquisitive mind. Every track is new yet familiar with clear thematic and motivic links between tracks (Justice into Stalnoe Serdtse for instance is a stunning transition.) It's an album that you'll put on and get lost in until it ends.


We Came From The North - Faded Giant (2017)

Something a bit close to home, this stunning album from the Edinburgh based quartet has some stunningly beautiful work showcasing the heavily delayed clean guitars and contrasting it heavily with the heavily distorted sounds and washes of noise from the cymbals. It is an incredible exploration of two contrasting worlds juxtaposed against each other and each track takes this combination somewhere new, interesting and pleasing.


False Horizon - Lights In The Distance (2020)

One now with vocals! This album is a nice come down from the every increasing energy of the first two recommendations. Everything here is slow and takes its time, but the verticality of the music, the layering of sounds, the mixing, and the progression over the course of each piece is genuinely stunning. It is a slow descent into a beautiful void with no discernible end point, but this is fine. Strongly recommend sinking into this. Also, the addition of vocals to the group is remarkable as Yegane's voice has the haunting ethereal nature that matches and slides in with the other sounds throughout.


Astralia - Atlas (2014)

A slight step up in energy here, returning back to some more guitar driven music and losing the vocals. This album still focuses on slow progression and some classic chill post-rock vibes. Possibly the most post-rock of post-rock albums that I could find, but this is not a complaint. This is a fantastic example of what the genre should sound like. Stunning sustained guitars, bass melodies, and washing layers of sounds breaking over you like waves. Beautiful album.


Admlithi - Foxglove, 2020

An exciting new release that isn't quite available yet. It will be releasing at some point next month with an exciting new music video. The production and direction on this is genuinely stunning. A very interesting step away from the established style from the solo-project, but one into a more reflective and minimal direction. Beautifully subtle music and the video is stunning. Once it fully releases I will link here, but in the meantime please take my word, this is worth checking out as soon as it drops.

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